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Dr. Alina Carter

Dr. Alina Carter

Dr. Carter’s work mainly focuses on helping with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, adjusting to life events or stressors, sleep difficulties, and health-related concerns (for example, chronic pain).  She sees her work as both an honour and a responsibility, as she helps support her clients work through their struggles and build upon their strengths.


Dr. Carter completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Windsor.  She works with individuals across most the lifespan, and has specialized training working with children, youth, and their families.  Her training included learning a variety of theoretical models with a focus on evidence-based therapies (such as cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness).  She strives to understand her clients and their struggles within context, including considering biological, psychological, social and systemic factors.    


Dr. Carter sought out a variety of clinical experiences in her training and career to date, including working in various community child and youth mental health, hospital, university, and private practice settings.  She currently is focused on private practice work and continues to learn and explore how to adapt clinical work and evidence-based practice to address the needs of her clients. 

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