Motor Vehicle Accidents Treatment and Assessment

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We provide psychological assessment and treatment services for adults, children, and families who have symptoms resulting from being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Individuals often experience psychological difficulties following motor vehicle accidents whether they suffered physical injury or not.

Symptoms of psychological difficulties following an MVA can result in in anxiety, depression, driving avoidance, cognitive difficulties, pain, fatigue, in addition to various changes in behaviour and function at work, home and within social and relationship roles.

We are experienced in conducting psychological assessment and treatment of individuals involved or affected by motor vehicle accidents. These assessments provide a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s accident-related difficulties and whether he/she is suited and would benefit from treatment. Treatment may include individual therapy, invivo driving desensitization and/or biofeedback relaxation treatment.

Psychological services are often covered by insurance providers. Following a psychological assessment report, ongoing treatment can be covered by the individual’s insurance company.