Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational Assessment and resulting intervention are provided to children, adolescents, and adults who exhibit symptoms of inattention, concentration difficulty, memory impairment, hyperactivity, poor academic performance, and learning disabilities.

We use a comprehensive assessment process in order to identify as well as rule out the presence of attention deficits and hyperactivity, learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, emotional factors, and behavioural problems. Our assessment process includes: intellectual and cognitive testing, academic achievement and academic testing as well as personality, emotional and behavioural assessment.

We use testing instruments in our assessment protocols that school boards recognize, including administering the WIAT III, WISC-IV (French and English), WAIS-IV (French and Englsih), and the WIAT-II French version.

Once specific problems are identified and/or an accurate diagnosis is attained, a variety of proven effective interventions and accomodations are suggested in order to aid our clients to reach their greatest potential. We advocate to school boards, universities, and workplaces on our client’s behalf. We provide school meetings at no extra charge. Evaluation reports also offer specific recommendations for schools and parents to assist with their child's special learning needs, which may include: tutoring, Individual Education Plan (IEP), hands on suggestions, specialized treatment and consultation with other professionals like family physicians, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, school psychologists and speech language pathologists.
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